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Can Opener Capsulotomy for Cataract Extraction


Patient comes in to have cataract surgery PHACOEMULSIFICATION left eye with insertion of Alxon Posterior Chamber intoaocular lens.  An addendum was dictated saying the capsularhexis was begun but could not be completed so it had to be converted to a can opener capsulotmy; however the nucleus was removed without difficulty and some peripheral cortical remnants were left because of the can opener capsulotomy but the lens was inserted into the capsular bag and appeared well stabilized. Would this be coded the same as a regualr cataract procedure using cpt 66984 or should this be coded a different way?


The procedure is still a cataract extraction with lens implant.  The only other choice would be to use the complex code 66982 but the surgeon does not describe the procedure as complex and does not describe any of the components of the complex code.  There is a good resource on our website about the complex code 66982.  You can find it by doing a search using "66982" as the keyword.

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