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Echocardiogram Prior to Chemo


Patient is scheduled for echocardiogram prior to starting chemotherapy. The physicain writes "preop chemotherapy evaluation". Is the correct code V72.83 or V72.85? The code book actually has pre-chemo listed in the code description under V72.83, but a similar question asked to QHR gives V72.85 as the correct code. Please advise.


Even though V72.83 includes the term "examination prior to chemotherapy" a 2004 Coding Clinic, 1st quarter, pg 12/13 which mirrors your question indicates that it should be coded to V72.85.  Having said that, the alphabetic index does take you to V72.83 for an examination prior to chemotherapy.  Based on the alphabetic index it would appear that V72.83 is the correct code assignment.

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