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EGD with Dilation


CPT question of egd with dilation, doctor dictates "on withdrawl a TTS dilator was passed thru scope. Dilation with 12-13 CRG balloon dilator was performed....charged is cpt 43248 and 43249 and bx 43239 (bx was done)but why 43248?


Actually, this procedure should probably be coded to 43248 and 43239.  Depending on the type of through the scope (TTS) dilator used, the dilator may include a guidewire. If it does, 43248 should be reported for the placement of the guidewire and dilation.  Boston Scientific makes a TTS dilator that includes a guidewire.  If a guidewire was not used, the correct codes would be 43249 and 43239.  Reporting of both 43248 and 43249 is incorrect since you would be coding the esophageal dilation twice.

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