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I have been told that if a therapeutic infusion does not have a stop time, it is still appropriate to charge for an IV Push.  Are there any written guidelines to this effect?


There is currently only one FAQ published on the CMS website that partially addresses your question.  The comments that I have seen would seem to indicate that a facility should not charge an IV Push in those instances where an infusion time cannot be calculated.  Instead, the facility should work on correcting the documentation deficiencies that are preventing the facility from charging this service correctly.  I have provided the FAQ below for your reference.

If a patient is receiving an IV infusion for hydration and the stop time is not documented in the medical record, how should the service be coded?

Infusion times should be documented. Hydration of thirty (30) minutes or less is not separately billable. When requested, providers should submit documentation indicating the volume, start and stop times, and infusion rate (s) of the solution provided. In the absence of the stop time the provider should be able to calculate the infusion stop time with the volume, start time and infusion rate and code accordingly.

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