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Removal of Suture in Vagina


25 yo female.  HISTORY AND PHYSICIAL who had underwent a TAH in the past. She reported to clinic complaining that her boyfriend felt something sharp during intercourse. on exam she had a Proline suture at the cuff from previous TAH.
OPERATIVE NOTE Procedure performed: Removal of vaginal cuff suture.
Patient was taken to OR placed under IV sedation prepped in a sterile fashion Two right angle retractors were placed in the vagina. I could see the Proline sutures which were protuding in the vagina causing irritation during intercourse. These were removed beginning at the patient’s right vaginal angle at the cuff. three or four sutures were removed. the left angle stitch was buried and i really could not feel it so I do not think it will cause any problems. the procedure was terminated.


Consider code 15850 or 15851 as possible code options for this procedure.  (Code options were considered for foreign body removal but the resultant codes were not reflective of the procedure performed.)  While there are some reservations with the suggested codes, the only other option would be the use of an unlisted CPT code.

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