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Self Administered Drugs Associated with Procedure


The patient received BACTROBAN OINT 22 GM TUBE, MUPIROCIN OINTMENT 22 GM TUBE in our outpatient dept. Patient received an infusion and the physician ordered a dressing change prescribing the above ointment. Should the ointment drop as a 637 rev code or should it be considered intergral to the dressing change?  I guess I need to know does intregral to a procedure only apply in the O.R. or if patient has a procedure in our wound clinic or outpatient dept do we drop self administered drug as a 250 or 637?


This rule does not just apply in the Operating Room.  It also is used in the Emergency Room, i.e.  when an antibiotic ointment is used as part of the laceration repair procedure, it is not considered self-administered.  Medicare, in this case recommends that it be billed under revenue code 270.    How far we should take this rule is difficult to say so you will need to make your own decision.  Most hospitals identify those ointments that are used in the various areas of the hospital where they are associated with a procedure.  They determine if they are mainly used for this purpose and if they are, they will assign these to revenue code 270 in the Chargemaster.  

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Comment By Oliver Bourgeois - Wed, Feb 2nd, 2011 6:19 PM
Would the more appropriate and accurate revenue code to report bundled medications associated with procedures be 250 rather than the supply revenue code 270? Comment: The Medicare guidelines recommend 270 however, you may choose 250 since the issue is to identify these on the claim as covered rather than self-administered.
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